How to Create Beautiful Wedding Design for Your Clients

Updated: Aug 11, 2019

Not sure how to bring all of your clients' gorgeous wedding design ideas together? I'm here to help! Between wedding shows, magazines, blogs and Pinterest, there is a TON of inspiration out there and brides usually come to me VERY confused. Wedding design can be so daunting and is an area of the planning process many brides struggle with the most. Help your brides keep their cool over peonies and place settings as I show you how to create show shopping designs (and save them a few pretty pennies along the way as well!)

1. Pinning Down The Pinterest Board The first step in wedding design is making sense of that Pinterest board your client has been swooning over since before she said YES to forever. In most cases, brides will bring you a Pinterest board that is a beautiful mess of mixed messages and inspiration. Before you start booking them a team to execute the wedding of their dreams, you need to lay the groundwork for their design. Is there a consistent color palette, theme or vibe amongst their pinned images? Find the common thread and weed out the rest to keep things fresh and cohesive.

2. Mastering The Mood Board Now that you have made sense of your clients' Pinterest board, it's time to put those ideas into a mood board to help translate their vision to vendors. First, pull out color palettes, patterns, and fonts from your brides' favorite images. Then, curate their board down to 10-15 images that design vendors will love you for. TIP: Don't be afraid to bring several styles into your mood board! The perfect balance in event design will include a mix of contrasting styles (whimsical with industrial, rustic with romantic, etc).

3. Breaking Down The Budget One of the biggest mistakes you can make when planning your clients' wedding is creating their event design vision before breaking down their budget. Before you jump into what they want, you need to prioritize what they can actually afford to avoid disappointment. You will find that floral, paper, and rentals dominate the design budget, so be sure to find the magic number for each of these three areas. Once you have the budget set, you can present your clients' vision to vendors who actually fit their aesthetic AND budget.

TIP: Be sure to work with vendors to make your clients' vision a reality within their budget. Remember that your vendors are experts at what they do and may have alternative ideas for an even more gorgeous outcome.

Remember that event design is a marathon...not a sprint. Take your time and evaluate all options, but don't overwhelm your client with too much inspiration. Once you've nailed down the details, encourage them to stop fussing, trust their vision, and get ready to ooo and ahhh on the day-of.

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