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Hello, lovelies!

Popping in with some SUPER real talk on this Sunday morning about Entrepreneurship and Motherhood...also known as "Mompreneur" life.

When I started Blush & Whim back in 2013, I learned early on that I was going to have to work very, VERY hard those first few seasons to prove myself, establish my brand and build a business that could eventually sustain itself without ME when I decided to take the plunge into motherhood. Being an entrepreneur that wanted to eventually be a mom would have challenges, but wanting to be a mom in the wedding industry was going to be an an entirely different beast.

In an industry where you often work 80 hour weeks piled with demands from everyone (like, everyone) besides yourself, topped off with 14+ hour shifts on your feet with little to no bathroom breaks, water or food (hello granola bars and cubes of cheese), going through the motions of pregnancy, birth AND new motherhood seem almost impossible (can we talk about all the times I pumped on the bathroom floor of venue, frantically waving my hands in the air so the censor wouldn't turn out the lights on me). And sales...forget about it. You can feel the doubt sinking into a prospective client's consciousness when they see your bump in a sales meeting or you say "I'm due on July 3rd". Many in the industry choose to keep their beautiful bundle of joy a secret until the baby makes an appearance due to the fear of losing business. It's a wicked and unfair cycle that many women in the industry face every single day.

When I got pregnant with Sloane and found out my due date was smack dab in the middle of wedding season, I flipped. Panic kicked into full gear with all the pressure of keeping my business afloat while also being a good mom and I soon found myself in a string of therapy sessions battling prenatal anxiety. I eventually learned that letting up control and making my own rules (many against what friends and family suggested) to make my business and life work for ME was the best decision.

Now just 6 weeks away from the arrival of our second little lady, I know I will face struggles with balancing two kiddos with multiple businesses. Entrepreneurship and Motherhood couldn't be more humbling and let me tell you...I am humbled to the core by it all. I know nothing is in my control. I know that whatever obstacles life throws at me...I can handle. I know that this is the life I have chosen for myself and I couldn't be happier to experience the crazy journey that lies ahead of me.

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